Wind Energy Testing, Measurement and Analysis

We Generate the Proof You Need to Generate Wind Power

Whether you’re a turbine manufacturer, investor, lender, developer, wind farm owner or grid operator, you need to prove the validity, quality, efficiency, safety and long-term return on investment of your project.

windtest north-america provides all the high-quality, comprehensive wind energy testing, measurement, analysis and validation you need to move your project forward.

Technical expertise is the foundation of what we do, but quality is what sets us apart.

From our engineers to field technicians, support staff to leadership, “quality by any measure” is a mantra. Regardless of the type of project or which of our areas of expertise come into play, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for quality and integrity.

It’s how we live. It’s how we work. And it’s why you can rest assured you’ll be able to make decisions based on the most precise data and information.

By any measure, windtest north-america will be a reliable partner for your wind energy project.


Areas of Expertise

  • Energy Assessment
  • Type Testing & Technical Expertise
  • Test Site Operation

Testing and Technical Consulting Services

  • Power Performance Measurement
  • Mechanical Load Measurement
  • Sound Emission Measurement
  • Acoustic Vibration Measurement
  • Grid Integration Measurement
  • Performance Assessment

Energy Assessment Services

  • Wind Measurement
  • SoDar/LIDAR Measurement
  • Yield Reporting
  • Sound Immission Analysis
Highly Qualified

Our parent company, windtest grevenbroich gmbh, Grevenbroich, Germany, holds several national and international accreditations, is active in the Test Lab Working Group of the International Electrotechnical Commission – Renewable Energy (IEC-RE) and is a full member of MEASNET.


We have completed thousands of wind energy testing, measurement and analysis projects around the world over more than 20 years, including nearly 40 projects in North America.