Technical Due Diligence

A Technical Due Diligence (TDD) assesses the technical status and quality of a wind farm project based on contracts, relevant planning documents, reports, technical specifications of the manufacturer etc. According to the requirements different aspects like road access, building permit (shadow cast, noise, oppressive effect, examination of the licensing documents), grid connection, Micro-Siting, site assessment, analysis of losses, technical specifications of the wind turbine, commissioning report and documentation of technical inspections are examined and evaluated.

Benefit to the customer

Potential investors in the wind energy sector might need additional know-how to judge risks of wind farm projects in the planning, construction and operating phase.

In order to identify potential risks and important parameters for the assessment windtest grevenbroich gmbh (wtg) analyses the specific situation and the corresponding challenges and expected obstacles. This analysis supports and accelerates the decision-making process of investors and credit institutions.

Expertise / Implementation

Up to now there is no guideline available which specifies the proceeding in the preparation of a TDD. On this basis wtg developed a checklist which enables the technical assessment. This checklist creates the prerequisites for a complete analysis of all technical aspects within a project. It comprises a weighting system and knockout criteria.

A traffic light system at each assessment area defines the current status (total fulfilment of the requirements or the necessity to improve). The final report includes critical aspects and risk mitigation strategies.

Checkliste Technische Due Diligence
Checkliste Technische Due Diligence

figure 1: Extract Checklist Technical Due Diligence