windtest north-america Celebrates Parent Company's 25th Anniversary

ESTHERVILLE, IOWA (Nov. 4, 2021) – windtest north-america, Estherville, Iowa, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its parent company, windtest grevenbroich gmbh. The company was founded on Oct. 8, 1996 in Grevenbroich, which is in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It opened windtest north-america in 2014.

“We founded windtest with a commitment to high quality and exceptional service, and those values became the foundation of windtest north-america, as well,” said windtest Managing Director Monika Krämer. “Along the way, thanks to our amazing customers and partners, we’ve become the premier measuring and testing service provider in the wind energy industry. The trust they have placed in us has been the most gratifying and humbling aspect of our 25 years in business.”

Both windtest grevenbroich and windtest north-america provide testing and technical consulting, including measurements in power performance, mechanical load, sound emission, acoustic vibration, grid integration and performance assessment. The data windtest collects helps turbine manufacturers, investors, lenders, developers, wind farm owners and grid operators prove the validity, quality, efficiency, safety and long-term return on investment of their wind energy projects.

“We are proud of how this subsidiary has contributed to windtest’s ability to offer our precision services to an expanded customer base,” said windtest north-america Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Jasmin Holzinger. “On the occasion of this anniversary, we’re also taking time to reflect on how grateful we are for the generous welcome windtest received when we located our North American subsidiary in Estherville, and for the ongoing support of the community and surrounding areas.”


About windtest

windtest grevenbroich gmbh, Grevenbroich, Germany, has more than 25 years of renewable wind energy experience, having participated in several large projects in the United States as well as Europe, India, China and other countries. The company provides testing and technical consulting, including measurements in power performance, mechanical load, sound emission, acoustic vibration, grid integration and performance assessment. windtest grevenbroich established windtest north-america in 2014 at the Sustainable Energy Resources and Technologies (S.E.R.T.) Center of Iowa Lakes Community College, Estherville, Iowa. In addition to wind energy, windtest north-america is able to serve companies in a wide range of industries that require precision measurement, data collection and reporting, such as manufacturing, aviation and all industries where test bench and field measurements are necessary.

Company Milestones

windtest grevenbroich gmbh is founded and construction begins on a test site in the immediate vicinity of company headquarters. 

The first wind turbine is installed on the company's test site, called Neurather Höhe. In the years since, 16 prototypes of state-of-the-art wind turbines have been installed, tested and measured there. For 23 years, the test site has been a pioneer of technical innovations and a flagship for the energy sector. Today, the site also includes three wind measuring masts with heights of 80, 134 and 143 meters, as well as a verification station for remote sensing systems.

windtest grevenbroich becomes a member of the Measuring Network of Wind Energy Institutes (MEASNET), an organization of professional wind energy measurement organizations formed to create rules and requirements that set the standard for quality in the industry, which its members agree to follow. 

Monika Krämer becomes windtest’s managing director and launches international business activities.

Exceptional growth compels the company to relocate to a larger building. 

Krämer is elected chair of the MEASNET Executive Board.

The company’s first fault ride through (FRT) container heads into the field, significantly expanding windtest’s competence in the field of grid measurements. The equipment allows electric generators to stay connected in short periods of lower electric network voltage. 

windtest commissions a verification station for remote sensing systems at its test site.

windtest grevenbroich founds its North American subsidiary, windtest north-america inc., on the campus of Iowa Lakes Community College in Estherville, Iowa, USA. 

windtest receives the KlimaExpo.NRW award.

windtest receives its first IECRE acceptance for the competence areas power performance measurement and load measurement. IECRE is a Conformity Assessment System based on international standards prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for equipment and services used in renewable energy applications. 

windtest earns IECRE acceptance for two additional competence areas, acoustic noise measurement and electrical characteristics testing / power quality measurement.

The international team of windtest grevenbroich speaks 14 languages and faces future challenges in the field of renewable energies with confidence.