Power Quality & Grid Integration
  • Comprehension IEC61400-21
  • Comprehension FGW TR3
  • Grid Code Compliance – Procedure for Measurements according to international Grid Codes
  • Power Quality Seminar – Measurement, analysis and verification of Harmonics and Flicker
Load measurement
  • Comprehension IEC61400-13
  • Comprehension AWEA and BWEA standards „Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard“
  • GL2010 – Special Requirements for Load Measurements
Power Performance
  • Comprehension IEC61400-12-1 – wind met mast or remote sensing – advantages and disadvantages
  • Comprehension FGW TR2
  • Comprehension AWEA and BWEA standards „Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard“
  • Benefits of accredited Power Performance Measurements for wind farms
  • MEASNET – Power Performance Measurement Procedure – Advantages of additional requirements
Noise / Acoustics
  • Comprehension IEC61400-11
  • Sound Imission measurements – BImSchG, TA Lärm and FGW TR1
  • Basic seminar acoustic – Sound Emission, Imission and prognosis
Site Assessment
  • Energy Yield Prognosis
  • Basic seminar Site Assessment – long term prediction, different methods and sources of indices, 3-D calcualtion for complex terrain
Wind measurement
  • LiDAR workshop – use and validation (Windpotential measurements, wind profil, wind shear)
  • Basic seminar wind measurement – Wind Met Mast, SoDAR, LiDAR – advantages and disadvantages
Technical Inspection
  • Technical Inspection at wind turbines in theory and practice (basis are the guidlines IEC, BWE, FGW, DNV-GL)
Due Diligence
  • Technical Due Diligence – Permission, Grid Connection, Site Assessment, Micrositing, Technical Inspection Power Quality & Grid Integration Load measurement Power Performance Noise / Acoustics Site Assessment Wind measurement Technical Inspection Due Diligence