windtest-windhunter collaboration extends from Europe to North America

ESTHERVILLE, IOWA (Nov. 16, 2022) – A longstanding partnership between the windtest group and windhunter_group is expanding from Europe to North America to provide greater reliability and wind measurement heights for wind energy developers, investors and manufacturers doing business here.

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windhunter_group is locating its new North American headquarters, windhunter_north_america, in Estherville, Iowa, where windtest north-america has been operating since 2014.

Germany-based windtest and Poland-based windhunter have been collaborating to provide customers throughout Europe reliable wind testing and measurement for more than 20 years. windhunter designs, manufactures, installs and maintains wind measurement towers, commonly referred to as MET towers or MET masts, to provide a turnkey solution. windtest uses windhunter towers in executing precision measurement and testing services for its wind energy customers.

Jasmin Holzinger, windtest north-america's vice president and COO, said the company is delighted to welcome windhunter_north_america to Estherville, where the strategic partners will be able to collaborate efficiently for the benefit of wind energy customers in Canada and the United

quality by any measure

"The two companies share many of the same values, which is why our cooperation has worked so well in Europe," Holzinger said. "Now, being located within minutes of each other, literally, will enhance what is already a highly innovative, customer-focused and mutually beneficial relationship."

Holzinger added that the proven quality of windhunter's MET towers, along with its experience manufacturing and erecting masts that are taller than what is typical in the North American market, will significantly benefit windtest customers. While 80- to 100-meter MET towers are typical in North America, windhunter is an industry leader in manufacturing and erecting 120- to 180-meter towers.

"As wind turbine heights continue to increase in North America, windtest needs to measure and test wind speeds and a host of other critical variables at those heights, as well," she said. "windhunter_north_america's towers and experience will be invaluable."

Maciej Łaz, CEO of the windhunter_north_ america and windhunter_group's business development director, announced the selection of Estherville in late October.

"windhunter_group is excited about delivering the reliability, quality and value that our European customers have long appreciated to companies throughout North America, as well," he said. "Being here, in the heart of the U.S. wind belt, is ideal, and we're especially pleased to essentially be co-located with windtest, one of our most stalwart partners in the wind energy industry."

Łaz said windhunter_north_america will announce its plans for the new headquarters in early 2023, including whether it will build a new facility, occupy an existing space or develop another alternative.

About windtest

windtest group has more than 25 years of renewable wind energy experience, having participated in large projects in Europe, the United States, India, China and numerous other countries. The company comprises windtest grevenbroich gmbh, Grevenbroich, Germany, and windtest north-america, Estherville, Iowa. windtest group established windtest northamerica in 2014 at the Sustainable Energy Resources and Technologies (S.E.R.T.) Center of Iowa Lakes Community College in Estherville. In addition to wind energy, windtest northamerica is able to serve companies in a wide range of industries that require precision measurement, data collection and reporting, such as manufacturing, aviation and all industries where test bench and field measurements are necessary.

About windhunter

windhunter has been the world's leading wind measurement provider since 1998. Due to many years of experience in the renewable energy sector, especially in wind measurement, windhunter perfectly understands the entire process of production, installation and maintenance of masts. Our team of professionals performs work at the highest level, with all
the respect to quality and safety standards. windhunter_service also offers the sale, lease and service of LiDAR and SoDAR devices and provides support during the service and installation of wind turbines.

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