Blade Alignment

A New Angle on Maximum Power Performance

Correct rotor blade alignment is essential to maintaining consistent and optimized turbine power performance. windtest north-america will determine whether your blade angles deviate from their OEM setpoints without the financial costs and operational losses of a full battery of power performance tests.

We are the exclusive North American partner of WIND-consult, the company that pioneered blade alignment measurement technologies and processes before introducing them to the industry in 2014.

We offer contact-free, laser-optimal, 3D scanning of rotor blade geometry for precise angle measurements, within 0.2°. We can verify if your blades need adjustment and eliminate their alignment as a possible contributor to power performance reductions.

In addition to boosting performance, precise blade alignment can also reduce noise emissions and loads on the wind turbine. So not only will you avoid unnecessary expense, but you’ll also be able to get your turbines back to optimal operation as quickly as possible.

To align your blades with your power performance projections, contact us today!